About me


Gerard Israel, CEO

Senior builder, Head Consultant,


Gerard has been a system builder for over 7 years. He previously worked at the Fermi National Laboratory as an assistant tech. At Fermi he also maintained the servers and network lines, and geeked out over physics.


Gerard also works at the Museum of Sciences and Industry as an informal teacher focusing on technology and science.


I am passionate about computers. For fun I love to take a system apart and put it back together again. I often experiment with different configurations and push machines to the limit. 

Not only do I work all day on computers, but I also spend my free time on computers gaming and playing the latest titles on the most powerful rigs. 

If you have any questions about troubleshooting a computer or about a custom build, I am are here to help.


Here at Tech Breakdown we are on a mission to bring customer service back into the custom computer building industry. We always put people before machines. Answering questions and building the perfect computers for your customers is our way of making the world a better place.


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