4K gaming PC, Video editing, and streaming


4K gaming PC, Video editing, and streaming


Want to See the World in the Full Splendor of 4K Resolution?

Our Enthusiast Build takes your computer and gaming experience to a whole other level. We offer this build at the $1,300 level.

With the $1,500 system you will experience enhanced gaming at the 4K resolution at 60+fps.

Our Enthusiast Build allow for maximum:

·       Multitasking

·       Rendering

·       Editing

·       Streaming

·       Gaming

If You’ve Read This Far, You Know You Want an Enthusiast Build. Don’t Put It Off Any Longer. Contact Us Today To See How We Can Get Started.

Base Build:
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Please Note: This is just the basis of the build, we will go through the part picking selection with you as every computer build will be focused on your personal needs. If you are not sure on what option to choose, please email israel.gerard@gmail.com for assistance. You can also get a free one on one consultation sign up here:  http://techbreakdown.tech/free1/

Also for perspective buyers please know that all built computers will either be picked up for our in house operation or hand delivered. If you want us to hand deliver, please make sure you add hand delivery to the cart on the way out. Hand delivery is only available in the Chicago area. Since this is a in house operation we do not publicly list our address for security purposes. But once you have completed checkout you will receive a conformation email and a second email with our designated address to pick up your computer!